The Hard Facts

As men step into online dating a mysterious disease infect some of them. 15 years of personal research reveals that:

  • 25% of men’s IQ decrease by 30pts, reaching the level of a primate. Drunk.
  • 15% of men forget all politesse taught by their parents, leaving us wonder what happened to the cute little boy they were.
  • 5% of men include in their profile a selfie with a tiger, curiously enough lions and panthers never get the same chance.
  • 1% of men think showing an image of their sex is a good idea.
  • 0,0001% of the guys show their sex to a tiger, and the chance that the tigers mistook it for a mouse comforts us like a warm blanket in a cold winter night.

Modern Juliets have now a platform where they can:

  1. Laugh about other women’s absurd moments and share their own  (see how here)
  2. Change men’s behavior by sharing on their social platforms their favorite Where The F Is Romeo? moments. Indeed most women have at least 1 guy in their circle of friends acting like a d**k on online dating. We hope that, by seeing some of our posts he will recognize himself and finally get his act together.

Let’s change men’s behavior, one post at the time.

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